Summer Sweet

by The Go Rounds

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released September 6, 2013


all rights reserved



The Go Rounds Kalamazoo, Michigan

psychedelic rock n roll confetti pie


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Track Name: First Light
thy tender grove
mender below
ripe river bed
hung heavy head
always the best
never the rest
thy tender grove
where does it go?
the weight of your hand
i cant understand

only you know
where it will go
go is the game
you win every time
always in jest
never the rest
love til we hate
stay til we go
the sleight of your hand
i can't understand

i can't understand holdin' it up
puttin' it down
gathering round

how does it get to where we become
restless again
for lessons unfound?
Track Name: All Night
outta sight
outta reach darlin'
all night im rollin' home
all night you left me alone

all night
you're breakin' my heart
you're chanin' your mind
all the time

all night
you're movin' in time
turnin' to go
I wanna cry, "No, no, no don't go!"

but I don't

dynamite appetite darlin'
all night you no throw me bone
all night you left me alone
Track Name: Noontide
i dont mind the feeling i get when the gettin's gone and the goose is wet. climb inside the dirty dawn
take me to blue lake alcove. lead me through your lemon grove
but kiss me sweet and linger close

linger close

i dont mind the heavyin head when the lettin's go and the truce is dead
shit, get well fed and bed the lawn
take me for some town ya knew. hit the streets if but to say,
"May every ease become for you."

linger close

i dont mind fennin' for affect its only words and dialect
climb inside and disconnect
take me to few days of weight lift the sheets if but to lay
for you're the one who always stayed

please behave

for you're the one who stayed the most

linger close
Track Name: Dusk
oh my woe
all day

come by now
stay stay

cause its getting dark out

oh no, no dont go
all day

come to now
pray pray

something to lie on
someone to love
somewhere to harbor
the harder of days

this is goodbye
was from the get-go
oh my
oh my woe

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