whatever you may be

by The Go Rounds

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released April 5, 2019


all rights reserved



The Go Rounds Kalamazoo, Michigan

psychedelic rock n roll confetti pie


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Track Name: foxtrot
Foxtrot (adapted from the poem 'Foxtrot' by Michael Dickman)

dear fox where have you been
dead on the dance floor in the middle of a field

your face frozen cheek to cheek and palm to palm
i want my arms around you
your red hair bleach blue

and ants walk right through
your rib cage and what ate your insides


I do a feather hover
above your broken collar
your legs crossed quietly at the ankle

everything is just one color

dead fox good morning
you must be tired
your hands closed
your eyes missing

quick step won't save ya now foxtrot
reverse turn your spine back into a xylophone

fast, fast
slow, slow

and inside your chest
falls one flake of snow
and outside your chest

it gets darker earlier
Track Name: long legged daughter
Long Legged Daughter

admire the dawn
long legged daughter
inspire a song
get what you're after

joy and fame

try all you want
you won't get an answer
pry at the dark
become your savior

of sweet refrain
joy and pain

like you like
like you have wanted

my darlin, i've butterflies
hive honey, so hard to describe
pure color, sure as goodbye
more feeling, and way less polarized

bright morning stars will override
new diamond, why so terrified?
why so sad tonight?

like you have wanted
Track Name: over and over
over and over

you lead that flame to the fire
rain to the river

over and over

lighting that flame to the flower
flower to the water

we are the power

its hard to recover
simply recover


recover in your long lost
beautiful as ever

and no longer barriers

while you breathe heavy in the wind
deeply underwater

keep rollin over

its hard to recover
simply recover


you lead that flame to the fire
you roll the rain to the river
do you ever dream of the days you hate to remember?

over and over
Track Name: $ombie

hey ma i'm almost out west
gotta make some money man
i've worn through these nickel shoes

yeah back home i's worn out at best
legs they turn to jelly man
spine like a curly cue

i want a woman who waits
and can and will still come along
an '82 Mercedes with vanity plates
that read 'mr. wrong'

i got a half a mind to eat of my enemies
i want an overfull belly of their disembodied delicacies

for that money, i'm a $ombie
but just for another ten days til i get back home

i's feelin better stackin up the cheddar
only catch is now i'm a murderer
champagne and latex, cocaine and kleenex
guess it's time to call in the coroner

i want a boy at heart
but a mature communicator
if it don't work in the dark
then i guess i'll see you later

i got half the time than i did when i came to be
like a needle of pine we rest among the evergreens
Track Name: under the light
under the light

under the light i saw you
under the light i held your hand
under the weight it fell through
under the light i understand

out of the days of longing
dark as a birthmark on your back
calendar says you're coming
dark as a peach mold turns all black

under the underwear we're wearing
under the influence of something wasted


under the light i saw you
under thorny plum tree, overgrown
it's cause of the frost there's no fruit
it ain't cause of the cost i can't afford to

it's cause of the smile you're sharing
where is true feeling being overthrown
it's cause of the sun you're burning
it's cause of a love you can't sleep right

unless you're alone

only you
only you could be alone

it's cause of the phone quit ringin
that you can finally get to workin
and playin again
Track Name: bali

dawn on the rise
toeing them sacred lines
Bali, sweet Bali
in wintertime
island of the mind

horizon fall
lie back mama
when you hear my call
I am coming alive in light
of everything heavy
and if we cry tonight
it’ll be a good cry
and you’ll feel better

fawn on the shoulder
poor little guy
come back later
as some other kind
when the time is better

horizon rise
get up on up mama
hit them highs just right
come on with it
if you’re with it then you get it
are you preoccupied
with what even hasn’t
hasn’t even happened
and if we say goodbye tonight
it won’t be for long
and you’ll feel better soon

look at the moon
such a beautiful moon
you remind me to look at the moon
you remind me you’re leaving soon
you will find me, eyes in the night
you remind me I was bad to you
Track Name: pattern and vanity
Pattern and Vanity

long days drag on if you can't release the hold
like the rise you get when you fall
deep in the company of Her sweetest Humility

sex so hot that it feels cold
like a brain without a mind
asleep in a symphony of pattern and vanity

pattern and vanity

how could i
how could i be
how could i become
how could i become the one

for me

like the kiss right before you spit
like the comfort i find in the chemicals

oh, for the love of bad timing
oh, for the love of the dark
oh, for the love of goddesses
oh, to be shot dead on your walk in the park

how could i
how could i be
how could i become
how could i become the one

for me
then for Her

what does it mean to believe in another?
does it really matter at all?
maybe, just maybe, if you could see beyond my weaknesses

so could i

there is a lightning bug on the lemon balm
there is a frightened face at the door
feelin forever strange under them high-rise montgomery palm
forgot that i'm not where i'm from anymore
and if you could see beyond my placelessness

so could i
Track Name: fleece down
Fleece Down

face down in the wood
rank taste of the tomb
if i call will you come find me
face down in the wood

want it
get it
got it

your name in my head
your hair in my bed
you always wanted to be free
your name will not change
(within me or your family)

want it
get it
got it

fleece down in the woo
true love can be cruel
if you don't know who to get it from
fleece down in the woo
Track Name: reviver

does it really matter where we are?
can't we love one another regardless?

can we truly make it feel better?
or are we only here to suffer more together?

holy mother
how is it you suffer?

could i be of relief?
could i be your reviver?

will we plant a willow on the farm?
won't our want for other lovers seem needless?

lie down on the shadow and rest
can we re-imagine our meanings of success?

holy caretaker
how do you take care of yourself?

could i be of relief?
could i be your rollin river?
your over-achiever?
your plumb eager salivator?
your golden retriever?
your sentient elevator?
your clear soft focus mirror?

like the wine runnin down your chin
from a smile you're tryin to hold in

why bother?

could i be your holy water supplier?
your effeminate stay-at-home father?
your long and strong forever forgiver?
could i be a believer
Track Name: light of a heavy love
light of a heavy love

long gaze
wide eye
in time
light of a heavy love

so low
so high
oscillations imply
you gettin fried by
the light of a heavy love

in five
in four
in three
two are becoming one

keep on lyin like
we’re getting better at parting ways

long day
gonna do it right
this time
with the light of a brighter phase

so low
so high
damn right
on the light of a heavy love

we’re no better at parting ways
Track Name: why does it feel so bad
why does it feel so bad

warm in the morning
cold at night
tired of losing sleep that i never had
wonder where you are
wonder where i am going to end up
when my body breaks down

and i'm outta the knife fight
and into the twilight
wanna hold it in both hands
before i let it go

if you ever care to know
how to move on alone
sun never come through
if you don't shine too

skin of existence
crackin and dry
a cry in the distance make me wanna die
i remember a clearing we came upon
while walking in silence
with so much to say

but i'll never tell you
where i'm gonna hide
and you'll never follow
long enough to know

what i'm doing on one knee
just to hear you say, "not now"
i still wonder what that means
and if i'll ever find out

why does it feel so
so much like i won't be feelin it again
where has it gone
the reason we had then

when all is reborn anew
sun it will come through
if you shine too

why does it feel so
(if it's love)
why does it feel so
(if it's love)
why does it feel so
(if its love)
why does it feel so

Track Name: marijuana high
marijuana high

kindly made the motorcade circle back our block again
remember when you used to say, "i wish i would go blind"

cause what we saw in days of hate
will wither now before the gate
wounds so raw disintegrate
outside the grateful mind

call me lazy, but truly i cannot move

if it was not mean to be
we spent our time unknowingly
wading through a vacant sea/vacancy
no morning for to find

what we saw in days of late
grow wilder now without the wait
wounds so new they dissipate
before the grateful mind

call me crazy, but truly

i don't want a mind like thine
cold and wanting
you don't want a spine like mine
crooked wandering
i don't wanna go if you don't know
what I have of yours, inside
heroin/heroine deprived, wide eyed
wilt before the sun rises
marijuana high fly by, i keep forgetting
i don't wanna lie by you, hardly caring
drive down to the sea
release me
ever wonder why....

ah, never mind

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